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This is "Hair Color Code" The secret to hair color formulation

Hair Color Code

Hair Color Code comes from the Color Wheel. It is the process of breaking your color formula and the contribution from the hair into all of the basic components (B’s, R’s, and Y’s) available. Then rebuilding them to create Background, Tone, and Reflect. It helps reveal whether or not we have a balance or imbalance in our formula result before we apply the formula to our client’s hair. Too much Background = flat, drab, subdued, desaturated results. Too much Tone or Reflect = bright, vibrant, hollow results.

In this class, we will explore the genesis of “Hair Color Code” and how to use it to predict more successful results in your hair color work.

Subjects covered in this class are:

A paradigm shift in hair color theory

  • The Color wheel presented in a new way.
  • The source of “Hair Color Code”
  • Learning to use the “Mapping Guide.”
  • Live “hands-in” color scenarios for group activities."

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The Principles of Hair Color

Guru nation Principles of Hair Color

Welcome to the Principles of Color Virtual Classroom - a fundamental program where we delve into the guiding principles of color.

Class Duration: 3.5 - 4 hours. Tuition: $400

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of hair and its impact on your final outcome.
  • Exploring Levels & Visual Values in hair coloring.
  • Unpacking the concept of Contributing Warmth in color applications.
  • Techniques for working with grey hair effectively.
  • Delving into the significance of Hue, Value, and Chroma in color theory.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Hair Color Theory.
  • Decoding the Hair Color Code for precise formulations.
  • Explaining the role of Developer in the hair coloring process.
  • Understanding Volume for lift versus the Universal Law of Lift.

Join us in this virtual classroom journey as we unveil the foundational principles that empower you to anticipate successful hair color transformations.

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The Red Zone. Developing your skills and understanding red shades


This is a 3-hour class that requires some supplies. Tuition : $400

"The Red Zone" is a comprehensive program crafted to equip colorists with the knowledge and technical proficiency needed to achieve desired outcomes when working with red hues. Join us on this journey to elevate your expertise and unlock the secrets to successful red hair transformations. Join our exploration of the fascinating world of hair color as we delve into the intricate nuances of different shades, textures, and care regimens.

Here's what you can expect to uncover on our hair color journey:

  • Natural Red Hair: Discover the origins and unique characteristics that set natural red hair apart.
  • Enhancing Results: Unveiling the pivotal role of natural red hair in achieving the desired outcome.
  • Considerations and Expectations: Understanding the key factors to ponder when opting for red and copper hair color.
  • Crafting Artificial Reds: Delving into the art of creating artificial red shades, including tones and reflections.
  • Fine-Tuning Formulas: Mastering the art of adjusting the chroma in red hues to attain the perfect look.
  • Types of Reds: Distinguishing between oxidative and direct dye reds and their applications.
  • Longevity Strategies: Exploring techniques to prolong the vibrancy of red shades.
  • Maintenance Tips: Unveiling the ideal duration for vibrant red hues and the role of home care regimens.
  • Styling Considerations: Understanding how hair texture influences the final color outcome.

Let's elevate our expertise and unlock the secrets of magnificent red hair color transformations together!

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Guru Nation Hair Color School

Each of our intensive sessions spans 4 to 5 hours, with content delivered in a modular format. Our sessions are designed to be laser-focused on a single subject to eliminate distractions, and homework assignments are provided to reinforce the material covered. 

  • In Session 1, we dive into the fascinating world of "Hair Chemistry." Explore the foundation of our work - the hair, our canvas. Understand how varying hair types impact our outcomes. Uncover the issues surrounding unwanted warmth in color transformations. Embark on a visual expedition into the depths of a hair strand. Witness the intricate structures of Keratin and Cysteine, and their crucial roles in chemical treatments.

  • In Session 2, explore the intricate workings of hair color formulations. Understand the significance of Background, Tone, and Reflect in achieving desired results. Unravel the role of Acids & Alkalis in the coloring process. Master the art of conducting "dye outs" to enhance your understanding of your chosen hair color brand. Learn about plotting maps and how they assist in determining the shade's visual value using the Hunter Spectrophotometer. Witness a captivating animation illustrating how hair color interacts with the hair shaft, disrupting melanin, and delivering dye intermediates to the cortex. Delve into the functionality of developers. Grasp the importance of the pH chart when using chemical treatments on hair. Distinguish between Permanent, Demi Permanent, and Direct dyes to elevate your expertise. Get an up-close look at the molecular structures of Blue, Red, and Yellow dye intermediates, offering a surprising revelation.

  • Session #3 dives into Physics and Hair Color Theory Physics of Color (Light & Human Vision). Explore the science behind color perception and vision. Uncover the correlation between light, vision, and chemical composition. Understand why hair color is governed more by Physics than by traditional painting principles. Hair Color Theory: Revisit the color wheel, delving into overlooked components of the theory. Discover the significance of the "Hair Color Code". Master the art of creating a "Hair Color Map."

  • In Session #4, we will focus on the essential topic of "Formulation" Formulation Skills: Gain confidence in formulating with your new tools, Code Mapping, without fear. Explore various options and techniques for effective formulation. Familiarize yourself with the "Non-Effective Pigment" chart. Discover the significance of the "Pigment Weight" chart in formulation.

Every week, you will receive homework assignments to complete between sessions. Additionally, both participants and instructors will be active in an exclusive chat group where you can ask questions at any time during the course. This means you will have access to support 24/7.

Upon completion, all participants will be awarded a course diploma. Plus, you will have a 72-hour window to review each video after the class, facilitating the transfer of information.

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