Introducing an Exciting New Hair Color Education Alliance!

Guru Nation and Sustainable Glam Alliance

April 9 2024 - We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking alliance between Guru Nation and Sustainable Glam, set to reshape the educational landscape in the beauty industry.

 As of this official press release, Guru Nation will proudly serve as the educational arm for Sustainable Glam, renowned for their top-quality hair color brands: Epic PPD Free Permanent Hair Color and Gloss X Permanent Cream Hair Color. Our collaboration aims to provide comprehensive and unbiased hair color information to all users of these exceptional products.

In addition to our “Brand Neutral” education, Guru Nation will develop specialized, product-focused training sessions catering to both current and prospective users of Sustainable Glam. These sessions will unlock the essence of these remarkable Californian-founded and Italian-produced hair color brands, helping users fully grasp their vision, mission statement, key features, and countless benefits.

With this dynamic alliance, we are confident that both Guru Nation and Sustainable Glam will revolutionize the industry by staying at the forefront of education and innovation. Together, we will empower stylists, professionals, and enthusiasts to unleash their creative potential and experience unparalleled success.

"We express our appreciation to Sustainable Glam for their belief in the power of education to empower their customer base. With the goal of instilling knowledge and building confidence, we strive to set them on a pathway to hair color success. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this remarkable journey, shaping the future of beauty professionals." remarked Dennis Gebhart, founder of Guru Nation.

"We are absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Guru Nation. Dennis is not only a figure I deeply admire but also a leading expert in our hair color industry. It's a genuine honor to welcome someone of Dennis's caliber, poised to enrich and inspire Sustainable Glam colorists with his wealth of hair color knowledge and expertise," shared Javier Rabago, co-founder of Sustainable Glam.

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